It’s a Girl!

It’s a Girl! The Fertility Institute of Hawaii in Partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA announce that their collaborative patient, an Australian Mom,  has given birth to  a healthy baby girl born by donor egg.

We are very happy that all are doing well. This article is dedicated to Baby X and hopefully will explain the magnitude of this momentous event.

A healthy baby.  Fertility physicians strives diligently to make this their primary goal – helping couples with infertility resolve their challenges and go home with a healthy baby.

The process can be long, arduous, frustrating and for some too much to handle. For others, the ability to have a baby using the newest advances in reproductive endocrinology technology, such as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD),  in order to maximize the chances for a  successful pregnancy and healthy baby is not only difficult, but perhaps prohibited by law in some countries.

Despite these challenges, some motivated couples will stop at nothing to avail themselves of the best technologies available and to give themselves the utmost chance of having a healthy baby.

This is the case of our patients who come to the Fertility Institute of Hawaii from other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand or within the continent of Asia.  They are willing to leave their homes to travel afar in the hopes of receiving the good news they long waited to hear, “You are pregnant”.

To be able to  bring a baby into the lives of couples who may not have been able to have this opportunity under other circumstances, is why today we are so excited to announce that one our Australian patients recently delivered a healthy baby girl with the use of a donor egg . This was made possible due to our partnership with the Donor Egg Bank USA.  The transfer of the donor egg was conducted in Hawaii by our Dr. John Frattarelli and continuation of care and delivery was overseen by the patients personal OB-GYN in Australia.

For more information on how you can learn about  the Fertility Institute of Hawaii’s international  / off- island fertility services please click this link:

To learn about our partner, The Donor Egg Bank USA (DEB) please click here:

To read the recent press release made by DEB please click here:

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