Fertility Institute of Hawaii is one of the nation’s most successful IVF practices. We are committed to making the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable. We have partnered with ARC, the nation’s largest network of fertility specialists, who along with their network of physicians, to help couples through their journey and fulfill their dreams of having a baby.

Through ARC, a number of affordable options are available for our patients to choose from:

  1. Affordable and predictable fertility treatment packages
  2. Financing payment plan options
  3. Refund Guarantee packages
  4. Pharmacy financing packages

For additional information about these patient options, and to help you maximize your opportunity for having a baby, while minimizing your financial risk, please visit:

  • Additional Information or
  • Call ARC’s toll free number 1-888-990-2727 to speak with one of our friendly patient services specialists.
  • You may also call the Fertility Institute of Hawaii’s billing office (808.380.8231) to discuss other options not offered by ARC.
  • You can view a video that explains more about ARC by following this link (the link will open in a new page).

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